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Philadelphia roots

William J. Dixon Company original headquartersThe William J. Dixon Company was founded in 1931 when William J. Dixon bought the Philadelphia operation of the George W. Kavanaugh Company of Cohoes, New York. Prior to this, he had run the Philadelphia operation for George Kavanaugh. Dixon originally focused on the manufacture and sale of both wide and narrow cotton fabrics out of the company's original location at 246 North 3rd Street in Philadelphia. This location gave William Dixon ready access to take advantage of the booming textile industry in Philadelphia and the rest of eastern Pennsylvania at the time.

Second generation assumes control

In 1932, William J. Dixon Jr. began work at the Dixon Company. After a five year hiatus from 1941 through 1946 spent in the U.S. Army, William Dixon Jr., or Bill as he was known to his friends, returned to work at the company, eventually taking over control in 1952 upon the death of his father. Bill saw the company through the post war economic boom and into the 1970s and 1980s. With the rise of globalization, the Dixon Company began to diversify and carry many different types of textile products, including hook compatible, polyester, and nylon fabrics as well as foam laminates.

Move to Exton improves facilities and shipping/receiving capabilities

In 1981, due to the growing demand and speed at which business was conducted, the Dixon Company moved from its antiquated, obsolete building in Philadelphia to a newly built, modern, single story building in Exton, Pennsylvania, just off U.S. Route 30. This allowed for greater ease in delivering and shipping goods to customers quickly and efficiently. By this point, Bill’s son Kyle had begun working at the company and taken control of most of the day to day decisions regarding the business. Throughout the 1990s, Kyle continued to grow the company even as many customers either went out of business or moved operations overseas and competition increased. With its diversified operations and emphasis on customer service, the William J. Dixon Company not only survived the American textile industrial flight of the 1990s, but was able to thrive.

Dixon presently leads the market in custom textile needs

Today, the William J. Dixon Company continues to be a leader in the customization and build-to-order niche of the global textile industry. With its location and modern facilities, the Dixon Company can quickly and accurately fill custom orders with minimal lag time for our customers, from large international corporations to small, local businesses.