William J. Dixon Company, Inc.

Since 1931


Quality Assurance

We value our excellent reputation for customer service and competitive pricing.  We have dealt with many of our customers for decades.  We strive to deliver quality goods in addition to our quality service and want you to be satisfied with the goods you receive.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on goods that have been altered or converted in any way from the condition in which they were shipped.

Independent Testing

We utilize a third part testing firm to certify the fiber content and make up of our products.  When needed/requested, we can provide this documentation to our customers certifying our fabrics for any purpose the customer may need.  In addition, we supply certified Berry Amendment compliant materials.

Sourcing of Materials

We source only the best materials from domestic and foreign sources.  All of our goods are checked for attributes such as dye match, weave quality, and general manufacturing quality before shipment to our customers.